Friday, November 12, 2010

Make your Move from Agent to Broker.

Have you been wanting to fire-up your real estate career?

Those in the real estate industry who know me well also know that I firmly believe real estate brokers and agents should continue to practice real estate to the best of their ability.  I was told once by a very wise person that "if we are not progressing, we are regressing."  Since that day, I have always tried to find new ways to ensure that I am not stagnant (i.e. regressing).

How long should a real estate agent remain an agent before making the push forward to become a broker?  My suggestion is simple, why wait?  The best way to ensure one is progressing in the real estate industry with personal and professional goals is to continue moving forward to the next higher level.  Even when an agent is not ready to start their own brokerage, I still believe it is beneficial to become an associate-broker.  Most real estate agents will need to meet the requirements listed below to become a broker:

2 years full time (or 4 years part time) experience
Eight real estate/business related college courses (outlined by the California Department of Real Estate (DRE))


In lieu of experience it is possible to meet the qualification standards by earning a degree from a four-year university or college.  The eight real estate/business related college courses still apply and are considered by the DRE to be equivalent to a minor in real estate.

Any active broker or agent should have the desire to act in a progressive manner though both experience and education.

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